Citizen Science is where people around the country contribute to scientific records.  Without citizen science there would be much less information on the nature around Ireland.  Anyone can help record sightings of animals and plants around Ireland.  Most sites then allow you to look at your records and all other records of animal and plant sightings around the country.  Click on the links below to see how you can help with our Irish nature knowledge!

Birds  This excellent site called Birdtrack allows you to store all records of sightings with ease and browse records on all species.  So if you see any swifts  or any other species record them here.

Butterflies  Another great scheme being run by the biodiversity data centre, you can submit any butterfly sighting or take part in the butterfly monitoring scheme.  Fun to do with kids and doesn’t take long to get the hang of.  Check it out here.

Garden Birds  The Birdwatch Ireland Garden Bird Survey is on right now and they need you help.  Click here to find out how you can contribute.

Irish Stoat  Follow this link to find out more about the Irish Stoat Project.

Invasive Species  Follow the link to register a sighting of an invasive species or to find out more about them including identification

Owls  If you see a Barn Owl please contact John Lusby of BirdwatchIreland  To find out more about Barn Owls, how to help if your a landowner or how to make a nest box for them etc. click here.

Roadkill  If you come across any roadkill please take part in the Roadkill Survey of Ireland.

Mammals  Any wild mammals that you see anywhere in the country please record on the Mammals page of the Irish biodiversity data site.

Birds of Prey  If you come across a bird of prey that is injured in Donegal or would like to see some birds of prey or Owls contact Martin Maloney at 086 351 4510.

Injured Animals  For any injured animals you might encounter you can contact NPWS to get the number for your local NPWS Ranger or have a look at Irish Wildlife Matters page for advice.

Access all Information For all records of Irelands flora and fauna visit the excellent biodiversity data centre.

Hedgerow Submissions  The date for submitting your own views on hedgerow cutting has now passed.  However, you can find out more about this section of the wildlife act by clicking here.