Biodiversity Plans and Signs

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Biodiversity Action Plans have recently been developed in collaboration with a range of community groups. The main aim in these plans is engage as broad a range of the community as possible while developing a plan which is area specific, focusing the biodiversity assets of a particular place and creating actions to protect and enhance these assets.

Signage is another direct yet simple way to engage with a community. The signs developed are customised to reflect habitats and species relevant to the place while engaging passers by with

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Biodiversity action plans are a collaboration between as broad a range of the community as possible and NatureNorthWest. Areas of different habitats are identified, mapped and species lists are created for each area. From these areas, actions are devised with the community groups. Actions tend to be along a few specific themes: Communication ~ Connectivity (both woodland and pollinator) ~ ecological protection. Appendices are populated with instructions on how to deliver the various actions.

Nature signs

Nature boards are available for schools and community groups. They can be tailored for specific habitats with locally relevant species. Available as posters and outdoor weather proof signs. See below for previous examples. For more information and prices, contact us below.