Nature with your children

Exploring nature at any age is good for your mind and body.  Follow the links connected to this page to discover easy ways to explore nature with your children.

Get picking berries with your children on the way to school.  The benefits for young people walking to school are huge, increased energy, fitness, concentration etc.  By berry hunting on the way you can have great fun while motivating them to walk…

Click here for a guide to which berries to pick!

Hit the beach, explore the rock pools.  Ever seen a barnacle wave?  Click here to watch one waving at the children in Falcarragh.  Follow the links below for tide times and some exploring materials for the rock pools.  All you need is boots or sandals, a small net and a white tub like an old ice-cream tub.  Just be careful of the incoming tide..



Snakelock anemone, found at low tide in the rock pools…

Click here to help identify rockpool creatures.

Click here to find out when its low tide at your beach.

Try this scavenger hunt with your family when the tide starts to come in!

The Great Beach Scavenger Hunt

Listen out for baby birds at this time of year.  A great activity to do with your children is to go walking and listening for the sound in the video below.  Its the begging call of baby birds.  The parents feed these small birds for about two weeks after they leave the nest, then they’re own their own!  The birds in this video are Coal Tits.

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