‘Aengus took me and my class out to Rathmullan woods.  My whole class think it was amazing.  We looked at different trees and also looked at different insects.  When we got back to the class we made a data chart.  We all loved the day out.  I always love going for outings but the one with Aengus was the best.’

Chloe, 6th class, Scoil Mhuire.

‘When Aengus took us around the school grounds we had so much fun.  He told us about all the animals and plants and even helped us make a bug hotel in the school garden.  He has a cool stuffed grey crow that he carries around with him.  Aengus makes everything he says worth listening and extremely interesting.’

Gavin, 5th Class, Scoil Mhuire.

‘Me, my classmates and Aengus went into Rathmullan woods last year and it was great fun!  Aengus helped us tell the difference between the trees, the beech tree was smooth and the oak trees were rough.  I enjoyed my time in the forest very much and would love to do it again.’                  

Bruce, 6th Class, Scoil Mhuire.